I reserved a part for my vehicle online to be picked up at my local NAPA Auto Parts in Uniontown PA. I was willing to pay a bit more because the item pictured was stamped made in USA.

When the part was finally available for pickup almost a week later I got the part home to find it had a made in Mexico stamp over a blank spot where the made in USA stamp had once been placed.

I chatted with a NAPA Know How person on their web site and given the parts by many manufacturers story. Contacted customer support about about false and misleading advertising and have not heard back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Napa Auto Parts Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #764992

I've seen it myself. It's called globalism.

Or taking advantage of cheap labor. I hate it.

Why can't we employ our fellow Americans? It seems when "everything was made in USA" people had good jobs, could afford a house and a nice car, and these days everyone is *** for handouts while we're sending our manufacturing overseas, leaving the only "new" jobs as stocking shelves at walmart or running a cash register.

to Counterman Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #791550

The real problem here is that most Americans do not want to pay the inflated prices to have goods made in the Ole US of A anymore. They don't care about American jobs when they have to pay for American labor out of their pockets in the form of higher prices for goods.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #710077

It should be a troublesome thing to advertise things as such. Dormant is the new norm.

Companies that hire cheap help and post 'Made in the USA.' on their goods. I have heard this complaint before concerning Auto Parts companies. I think there are web sites devoted to letting you know what is truly made in the USA and what is not. Trouble is; we import cheap help now, so what does it matter?

Anyway, you should keep an eye to these sites if they exist and let me know if they're any good.

Hope your next experience is better. 8)

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