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I purchased a hub assembly from NAPA online. The part is stated to fit a 2011 Hyundai Elantra.

The part does not fit. It is listed wrong. I verified this by contacting the dealer. There is a difference in the part depending on whether it's a coupe or sedan.

NAPA has the part listed for all 2011 models. I had a local shop complete the install. Because the part was not the correct one. The shop charged double labor.

They had to remove the knuckle and press in a new bearing twice. I had to pay for two new wheel bearings. I called and talked with customer service. The had the DM give me a call.

I explained to him the situation. I wanted them to split the cost of labor and pay for a wheel bearing. The DM asked me to visit the store I purchased the part. The manager offered a refund for the part and a $50.00 in store credit.

I told him that isn't good enough. He told me he would talk with the DM. I haven't received a reply from the manager or the DM. It's now been two weeks.

I offered the repair shops contact information. I also offered the information to cross reference the part.

I would not have asked for a partial labor payment if I made a mistake and purchased the wrong part. This problem occurred because NAPA has the part listed wrong.

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Your under the misconception that owning a shop precludes you from looking up the wrong part. Waterbury, CT guy is right, next time stick to your VW/AUDI shop and let the people who know what their doing take care of it since you're obviously incapable of taking responsibility for your mistake.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #992283

I am not your average customer. I actually own a VW/Audi performance parts business.

The site has a enter your vin option. This option is supposed to list the proper part based on the manufactures applied vin. The helpful sales professional at the store.

Did several searches. He searched for my year make and model and several different years and models They all listed the same part number 770-1425.

to qutaishannah #1002963

APR is in Opelika, Alabama not Atlanta, Georgia.

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #992202

Unfortunately the average consumer thinks they are a parts professional because they can look up their own parts online. Napa's cataloging splits the option. Next time pick up the phone and let a professional look up the part.

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