Lowell, Michigan

March 8, 2013 a Napa parts driver was speeding eastbound on Bowes Rd (going a minimum 40+ mph in a 25 zone). A dog ran into the road, the NAPA driver saw the dog because she tapped on the breaks, yet put her foot back on the gas and continued to speed hitting the defenseless dog.

The female driver was on her cell phone not paying attention. NAPA Lowell and NAPA Corporate Grand Rapids has been contacted yet totally ignored the family pet owner blaming the owner and the dog. The family dog is lucky to be alive, but may yet looses its leg from the NAPA van hitting the dog. The owner has over $3000 in Vet bills trying to save the family pet with more bills coming in that will push $5000 not to mention all the time and stress it has put on the family.

NAPA continues to push blame on anyone but themselves. NAPA did report the accident to there insurance company Broadspire out of Kentucky. Broadspire is denying the claim. Stating they investigated it?

REALLY? The dog owner was never asked any questions just told of the decision and that's an investigation? Wow, how heartless can you be?? NAPA knows how to care less about a life.

There are many kids on this residential and commercial road, it will be a kid some day with there continued speeding NAPA drivers.

Heartless company, a broken family and NAPA could care less It's a very sad world we live. All the dog owner is looking for is help with the vet bills and a sincere apology instead of ignoring the situation.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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You're right. NAPA doesn't care.

Today, on the way home from work, one of their drivers rocketed out of a side street in a residential area and cut me off. Luckily, she floored it so I didn't really have to react. Then she hit 60mph in a 45 zone. (Lots of kids around.) When the speed limit increased to 50mph, she hit 70mph.

Luckily, she got caught by a red light and had to stop. That's when I got the "How's my driving?" number off of the sticker on the back of the car. Guess what that number calls? Some fly-by-night travel agency.

I've never shopped there because I have standards. They just failed another one.


Ever heard of a leash?

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