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why cant you tell me how old is my battery is?

so the battery in my tracters dies out in the field ,I buy I new one,have to pay$18 to return the old one. when I bring back the old one he says he can't tell how old it is because the "dots" on the top where never pulled off,not my falt when I bought it,, I remember it being a little more then a year ago that I bought it. my problem is that if it has a 1 1/2 year warrenty .1, why am I not in the computer with my name , 2 why can't you look it up with serial number 024537 or bar code?


Your hat give away when I spend $24.00.

I have spent $300.00 at the start of your ad. My last invoice was on 03/31/2017 for $247.75 I was told they would order some hats and mail to me.

I went that dealer today 05/01/2017 and was told by the owner that he was going to get on to his wife she was not ordering them. I want my @*&^ hats.


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