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The multi year battery warranty sounds great its just that no one can figure out when the battery was made and all treat the topic like you are carrying the plague. Apparently, no one believes the serial number gives any value what so ever and its only value is if there is a recall.

They do not know who manufactured the battery and only the manufacturer can tell you based on a mysterious process. If you look at all other batteries you will find a date code with the exception of NAPA batteries. So providing for short lived battery issues is not in the formula.


This reviewer shared experience about "not possible to determine if it is a warranty issue without pulling part and drivin to store. really, you do not not know how to read a serial number?" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $700. The author is overall dissatisfied with Napa Auto Parts. The most disappointing about napa gc8 8v battery from Napa Auto Parts was lack of ability to simply solve the quesiton Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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This napa employee did throw out a catch 22. Been at napa 17 years and manage a store in michigan.

The batteries are made by deka and rarely do i see a comeback. Unfortunately it does happen here and there, and we take care of our customers. The date code is always on the side of the battery. It will have for example, 01/18, which denotes last ship date.

Being january of 2018 for example. Hope this helps and sorry for your troubles!

Dallastown, Pennsylvania, United States #1202098

i am a napa employee and all our batteries have a production sticker on them. a letter which represents the month and a number which is the year. I have worked in several napa stores and never seen a battery with this code.

to Anonymous Kirkwood, Missouri, United States #1335980

You just contradicted yourself.

to Anonymous #1408885

Which one is it........?

The batteries have a sticker with month/year OR you've never seen a sticker code......?

to Anonymous #1454093

Then why are the month year sticker never marked on the top of the battery. Where is the code burned into the side of the battery and where is the little round sticker on the battery like most batteries. I forget when I purchased the battery

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